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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

maybe you think I am too small to speak to you, too small to tell you something important. But I am sure you agree, what is important is what comes from inside. We are as big as we make ourselves big. So, I decided to be BIG! 

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I would like to give you a few basic viewpoints and ask you if they are true also for you.

The first one:

Don`t believe me!

What do you want to say with this? You might think that I must be an expert and so what I say you can simply believe. No. I might be an expert, but those things which we are talking about you know already, too. So I ask you to check in yourself, to "inspect", look carefully on what I say and find out if it is true for you. What you find to be true for you, is true. That is why I want you not to just "believe" me but to inspect to engage into the information and see how it makes sense to you, how you can use it, apply it. Only then it becomes true for you.

Another one:

So, there seems to be truth. And this can be found inside yourself? Yes. I strongly "believe", well " I know " that you already know everything about how to work, how to be efficient, productive, successful, proactive, how to communicate so others understand you, how to understand others. But, the fact is that there a million ways to do something wrong and there is one way to do it right. There is one way, which is the most effective, the most optimum one which leeds to the successful result.